Maxi and Mini Containers Available Here

**Please Note Our Moving Container Service Starts at a Minimum Price of $250**

Mini Container Service – This is our faster, more economical service where we bring a container to you.  Our maxi container is 4′ x 4′ x 7′ and our mini container is a 4′ cube. With this service you do all the packing and loading/unloading your container on both ends of the move and we just handle the transportation of the container. An example Of Our Maxi Container is pictured.

If you are not in a hurry to move then our moving container service, comparable to moving mini shipping containers is a great option. At American Mini Movers, we understand that sometimes it takes time to pack all of your belongings and prepare for a big out of state move. This is especially true when you have lived in one home for many years.

This is why we came up with our moving container service. This service allows you to take all the time you need, and not feel rushed in the least. If you have the time to take to do it right, a lot of the stress of moving and unpacking at the new home will be removed.

What American Mini Movers Container Service Includes


Here’s how this amazing service works. We drop off a container of the size you specify at your home, and place it where you need it on the property. The container remains there until you are ready for it to be picked up, or until the date you specify when you order it.

During that time, you can carefully and methodically pack all of your belongings and load them onto the container. We pick up the container and deliver it to your new address, where you unload it into your new home.

Features of Our Container Service Comparable to Mini Shipping Containers

American Mini Movers offers many features with all of our services.

    • Faster more economical rates for those that can load an unload
    • Friendly and courteous employees and support
    • Insurance available up to $100,000
    • No weight limits
    • Door to door service

The features of our service make it easy to understand how we stand apart from other companies. In addition to these features, our mini or maxi container service allows you the opportunity to have flexibility in your moving efforts. There is hardly a less stressful way to move.

Why Choose Our Container Service For Out of State Moves Over Mini Shipping Containers

We stand out from other companies that offer this service. Our company has been doing this for over 25 years, and we have the track record to prove our worth. We will treat your container of belongings with the utmost respect and care. We strive to make your move as easy and stress-free as possible. Call us today at (800) 208-1260 to learn more about our mini pad service.

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