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American Mini Movers is your small move

American Mini Movers is your small moves and mini moves specialists. Generally speaking, a small / mini move is just about anything from 1 to 1,000 lbs. If your move is too small for the VAN LINE moving companies and too big for the PARCEL shipping companies, then American Mini Movers is perfect for you.

We provide 2 main types of moving services:

Full Service Moving – This is what most people are familiar with in which two professional movers blanket wrap all items required and do ALL the moving at both the origin and destination.

Mini Container Service – This is our faster, more economical service where we bring a container to you.  Our maxi container is 4′ x 4′ x 7′ and our mini container is a 4′ cube. With this service you do all the packing and loading/unloading your container on both ends of the move and we just handle the transportation of the container.

Example Of Our Maxi Container:


Welcome to American Mini Movers

Do you have a large oversized piece of furniture such as a Grandfathers clock, bedroom set, dining room hutch that needs to be moved out out state? We can help you with that. Our team of movers will come to your house, apartment or business to load up your furniture and deliver it anywhere across the United States in a matter of days.

If your small move is one item or multiple items, American Mini Movers is the most affordable and easiest method for you. We offer free online estimates. Why do the heavy lifting yourself when we can do it for you?  Just fill out our simple online form today.

Small Moves and Mini Moves

Examples of Small Moves and Mini Moves

    • Residential House | Home
    • Condominium mini moves
    • Apartment small moves
    • Estate distributions

    • Student | College small moves
    • Business and office mini moves
    • Storage facilities
    • Local drop-offs available

Small Moves and Mini Moves Specialists – Call (800) 208-1260


Mar 30, 2017 by Caroline

Hi Doug,
Everything arrived safely. The delivery was Sunday. They did call two days in advance. Thank you so much for all your help.



Mar 08, 2017 by Judith & Leonard Simonds

We are so thrilled with care your people took with our moms dining room set. Edwin and Berlin went above and beyond when packing each piece. We were amazed at the layers of materials used to pack and the proficientcy of these gentlemen. We mentioned that our daughter was going to have someone sturdy up the legs as they were starting to pull apart. Apparently Edwin documented this and when the furniture got to the Chicago warehouse the manager fixed the legs! Incredible service! Our daughter was thrilled to receive Gramma's 67 year old Dining room set. Your service, employees, and reputation get a big thumbs up! Thank you thank you thank you!

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